22 June 2009

Words for her beautiful day

This poem is specially written for our most lovely friend.

Soon she’s tying the knot.

Although distance may seems an issue,
But, her trust has made her heart grow tougher,
even stronger.
I believe that no matter how high the sky is;
The feeling of belonging,
to be together other is even higher.

Now, the feeling of being attached
After the ring handed over;
With blessed from both families,
It is indescribable.
It has made her happiness beyond words
Not just that,
Her beauty smell hit my nose sharply
as it pop out from her pinkish cheeks.

Soon, 2 cultures unite as 1.

Our hope for her,
that her love story will end
just like another fairy tale.
No matter how rough the journey was,
It is the future that matters.
They will live happily ever after.

This is what we call destiny.

Congratulations Awin.

17 June 2009

Greeny pinky lovely card

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